Compose modules together with data and event sources to build workflows, without dealing with infrastructure. NStack containerises and orchestrates your workflows on your cloud provider using the latest cloud technologies.

Code Samples


import sklearn
import pandas
import nstack

class Module(nstack.service):
  def predict(self, input):



name: Predictor
version: 0.0.1
stack: Python
base: AcmeCorp.DataTools
packages: ["numpy", "sklearn"]
module productionDB {
    type CustomerRecord = (Double, String, Int, Boolean);
    def getCustomerSteps = sources.Postgres : CustomerRecord { 
        postgres_query = "SELECT * FROM actions" 

module marketingWorkflows {
    def wf = productionDB.getCustomerSteps
             | Marketing.customerAttribution
             | AcmeSinks.DataWarehouse { insert_table : "Results" };


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