HR Analytics

HR Analytics

Build internal applications and reports which bring open-source data science and analytics to HR data.


Modern HR Analytics is more than just KPIs and aggregations, and more advanced statistical approaches such as attrition analysis and prediction, text analytics, and custom benchmarking can radically increase the value of HR data.

But how many HR Analytics teams have a robust data stack and team to deliver internal data products which deliver these insights? More often than not, they find themselves stuck between legacy Business Intelligence platforms and point solutions, such as Visier, which are inflexible, uncustomizable, and slow and expensive to integrate. Instead of creating statistically-backed reports and insights which drive value, they are waiting for central IT to integrate data into 90s-era software.

Python and the wider open-source ecosystem provides the most powerful and flexible way to analyze data, and is the best solution for answering complex questions from your HR dataset, but is inaccessible to end-users and impossible for teams to operationalize.

The NStack Platform bridges this gap by providing everything modern HR analytics teams need to build internal HR analytics products.

  • Integrate with HR and internal data sources, such as your ATS, Workday, or internal files and warehouses
  • Choose from a rich library of pre-built HR analytics modules which can be customised in Python -- or build your own from scratch using your favorite libraries and tools
  • Programmatically build ad-hoc or automated reports which can be shared directly with non-technical end-users
  • Create self-service interactive web applications with forms, dynamic inputs, and file uploading
  • Automate and surface reporting through email, Slack, and Teams

Result: HR analytics teams are empowered to build and operationalize advanced people science data applications which can be consumed by the entire company and make an outsized impact.

To quote Oscar Health, NStack "allows us to use the full power of Python to build things we could never create in a UI-first tool in a fraction of the time.”

Sample Reports and Metrics

Retention & Attrition Analysis

  • Which employees are most at risk of attrition in each department?
  • What are the key drivers of attrition, broken down by department or gender?


  • How does a specific employee, team, or demographic compare to the mean or median on certain key drivers?
  • How can we build a custom data-driven way to benchmark employees using other internal datasets?

Text Analytics

  • What are the common themes for unhappy employees across survey responses?
  • Which internal platforms cause the most grief for users?
  • What are the common responses and clusters of responses from surveys?

Data and Integration

Unrestricted by proprietary connectors, NStack's data layer can connect to any internal database, data warehouse, file, or directly into systems of record such as:

  • Workday
  • Greenhouse
  • Oracle Cloud HCM
  • Visier
  • Workable
  • ADP
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Dayforce

Need to integrate alternative third-party data sources? Many of our customers plug in data from Asana, GitHub, or Atlassian Cloud to build a holistic data applications.

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Featured modules

Employee Attrition Prediction

Predict which employees are at risk of attrition and key attrition drivers

Employee Benchmarking

Custom benchmarking for employees based on HR or other internal datasources

Employee Sentiment Analysis

Analyze employee feedback to gauge satisfaction and morale.