Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Increase ROI and conversion rates by building internal applications and reports which bring open-source data science and analytics to paid marketing data.


Simple KPIs and data aggregation aren't enough to get an edge in performance marketing. The top teams use advanced statistical methodologies like segmentation, predictive analytics, and text analytics, all geared towards significantly amplifying ROI. However, it's imperative for Marketing Analytics teams to have a robust data infrastructure and a proficient team to develop internal data products that can generate these powerful insights.

Instead, many teams find themselves cornered, having to choose between outdated Business Intelligence platforms and proprietary platforms that offer little flexibility, customization, and entail slow, costly integration processes. As a result, instead of creating insightful, statistically-grounded reports that truly drive value, they're left waiting for IT departments to integrate data into software systems that are decades old.

Python, alongside the broader open-source ecosystem, offers the most dynamic and versatile way to analyze data, making it an ideal solution for addressing complex questions aimed at improving ROI. But it often remains inaccessible to end-users and difficult for teams to operationalize.

NStack Platform solves this by bridging this gap by offering everything modern marketing analytics teams need to construct internal analytics products. Here's how it can enhance your operations:

  1. Integrate effortlessly with marketing platforms and internal data sources such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or your own files and databases.
  2. Choose from a comprehensive library of pre-built marketing analytics modules, all customizable in Python. You also have the option to create your own modules from scratch using your preferred libraries and tools.
  3. Develop ad-hoc or automated reports programmatically that can be directly shared with non-technical end-users
  4. Build interactive web applications that offer self-service features, dynamic inputs, forms, and file uploading capabilities.
  5. Automate the distribution of reports and surface insights through channels like email, Slack, and Teams for timely delivery of information.


With NStack, Marketing Analytics teams are empowered to create and operationalize sophisticated data applications that can be utilized company-wide, leading to a significant impact. For example, you can conduct a comprehensive keyword analysis to understand the effect of seasonality on keywords per region, or create a custom data-driven approach to benchmark employees using other internal datasets. From Paid Marketing insights on predicted ROI given investment into multiple channels, to funnel comparisons across different time windows, your team can create actionable insights from your data asset.

Data and Integration

Unconstrained by proprietary connectors, NStack's data layer can connect to any internal database, data warehouse, file, or directly into systems of record such as Marketo, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Sailthru.

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