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Over two thousand companies use frameworks and APIs from NStack to analyze, present, and integrate open-source analytics.

Our platform is used by data-focused teams to decrease the effort and cost of integrating the power of the richest data open-source ecosystem in the world.
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1. Modern analytics is more than just KPIs and aggregations.

Business Intelligence platforms and enterprise point solutions are inflexible, useless at advanced analytics, and hard to integrate.
Inflexible to your data and organization
Limited to providing a simple view on centralised data
Lack power of open-source ecosystem
The power of open-source

2. Python is the most powerful and flexible way to analyze data

The Python and open-source ecosystem provides powerful, flexible tools and libraries, but is difficult to integrate into business teams.
Inaccessible to business users
Hard for internal teams to operationalize
Most analysts only know SQL and BI tools
The power of open-source

3. NStack empowers companies to deliver flexible, accessible data products in days.

NStack provides an out of the box data stack for building internal applications using Python.
Rich library of customizable pre-built modules
Build web apps, reports, and dashboards
Integrates into data sources and internal platforms

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